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Since 2014, Virtus Capital Management has educated investors on investment opportunities typically unknown to the consumer market.


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At Virtus Capital Management, we work with clients to find suitable investment opportunities that put the client’s interest first. Our suitability determination requires the use of professional judgement to consider a client’s investment objectives, risk profile and investment knowledge. We assess a client’s personal and financial circumstances, concentration of investments in relation to the risks and key features, and the initial and ongoing fees associated with any investment product. With an experienced and dedicated team of professionals, we are here to educate clients and provide access to the Private Capital Markets.

Delve into our story and discover why Virtus Capital Management is right for you.

Catered to the very last detail, we’ve been assisting clients meet their financial goals for almost 4 decades.

Delve into our story and discover why Virtus Capital Management is right for you.

Our advisors assist clients in meeting their financial goals while ensuring the client’s interest are always put first.

Get a glimpse into how we administer our client’s wealth.

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Wealth can be generated in the private markets in parallel with public markets. When you invest in the private markets, your money may be invested in private companies that are either developing new products or technologies, expanding working capital, making acquisitions, or strengthening their balance sheet to name a few uses of proceeds.

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