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At Virtus, our employees’ and dealing representatives'
well-being is crucial to us.

We look for experienced professionals with a passion for excellence, who believe in the power of collaboration, integrity, and leadership. We are always looking to expand our roster of dedicated professionals who aim to provide a higher quality of service for our network of clients.


At Virtus, we believe in a family-oriented work environment. We facilitate an environment where our employees and Dealing Representatives thrive and grow as professionals in the finance world while developing lifelong personal relationships. We make it a priority to create a culture of warmth and enjoyment, we regularly host events and activities catered to strengthening our bonds as a team.

A career with benefits

At Virtus Capital Management, we reward our employees for their dedication and hard work. 

Opportunities for Growth

Virtus is committed to our team’s growth and development in their work. We are dedicated to creating an environment that encourages our employees to seek opportunities that would help them become the best workers they can be.

Healthcare Benefits

Our healthcare benefits ensure that our employees’ health is prioritized and at the forefront of maintaining their well-being.

Flexible Work

Flexible work schedules are made to work for you, whether that’s working from home or remotely, taking unpaid leave, or managing a flextime schedule whenever the job allows it.

Network & Communities

Enjoy networking and want to use one of your favourite pastimes to build them? We have the perfect opportunities to build them with our networks and communities.

Competitive Compensation

We offer competitive compensation packages to our employees.

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