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The world of alternative investments is an ever-evolving sector with new investment strategies and opportunities emerging every day. Alternative investments typically involve private companies and tend to be classified as high risk, illiquid and have longer investment time horizons. Some alternative investments may have lower volatility and lower correlation to public markets but come with the risk of limited-to-no liquidity options over the investment term. It is important to note that each alternative investment has its own distinct characteristics and risk factors that must be considered by each client. As a conduit to the world of alternative investments, contact VCMI today to determine investment qualification, assess suitability, and see if this is the right fit for you.

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At Virtus Capital Management, we provide qualified clients with a variety of investment options that may match with a client’s investment objectives, risk profile, investment knowledge, personal and financial circumstances, and concentration of investments in relation to the risks, key features, and initial and ongoing fees associated with any investment product. The investment opportunities displayed here are proprietary and offered by the Virtus Financial Group of Companies.

The Raleigh Management and Leasing Capital Corporation (RMLCC) offers fixed rate secured bonds for the purpose of purchasing commercial notes. Investors can take advantage of what the RMLCC has to offer given its long history of successful investment offerings.

The Ontario Retail/Residential Limited Partnership (ORRLP) contains a portfolio of six retail and residential properties, totalling over 145,000 square feet and forty-six residential apartments. Investors can own assets with a stable cash flow and build wealth for the long term.

The Virtus Mortgage Investment Corp. (VMIC) is a mortgage investment corporation (MIC) that under the Canadian Income Tax Act provides investors the opportunity to own shares in a large pool of real estate mortgages managed by a team of professionals. Such investments are typically reserved for large banks and institutions.

By taking an opportunistic approach to seek for quality properties, Virtus REIT helps investors build a strong, stable, and diverse portfolio using income-producing properties in the United States and Canada. With consistent returns and low volatility, investors are offered the opportunity for stable cash distributions and long-term capital growth.

Levante Living is a Canadian owned enterprise focused on acquiring, managing, and redeveloping senior housing in North America. Dedicated to eagerly serving residents, employees and investors by focusing on dignity, compassion, integrity, and excellence in the marketplace.

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