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At VCMI, we value our clients, our suitability determination requires the use of professional judgement to consider a client’s investment objectives, risk profile, investment knowledge, personal and financial circumstances and concentration of investments in relation to the risks, key features, and initial and ongoing fees associated with any investment product.  Our goal is to preserve and grow your wealth.

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You worked hard for your wealth. Our goal is to preserve and grow your wealth. Check out the different investment types summarized below.

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PRIVATE Real Estate

Real Estate investing can include the buying of or remodeling of properties to increase value and resell for a profit. Alternatively, it can simply occur through renting out and collecting returns. Virtus offers investors a variety of opportunities to participate in both residential and commercial real estate investing.

Private Debt Funds

Investing in a private debt fund entails the pooling of funds from investors to provide loans to companies for either a short or long-term period. These loans may be unsecured or may be secured against the borrowers’ company assets. Returns may be realized through monthly or annual interest payments or through possible gains from sale of assets.

Private Equity Funds

Investing in a private equity fund entails the pooling of funds from investors into businesses in exchange for partial or full ownership of that business. Private equity generally focuses on acquiring ownership in businesses that operate in various business sectors. These businesses are not listed on public stock exchanges. The goal of private equity is to invest in companies that will increase in value over time before eventually selling the company for a profit.

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